When comparing the price of lessons at other schools, we recommend that you consider some of the following: Are the teachers experienced, or are they new to the field? Are they up to date on modern music and education, or are they stuck in the past? Does it really help you to have lessons in your home, or does going to a separate location actually make the lessons better?

Private Lessons

We offer private in person and virtual lessons with our professional instructors who are highly skilled in teaching as well as being professional performing musicians.  We tailor the lessons to the students' needs and desires using a mixture of traditional methods and modern techniques.  Students will learn the correct techniques for playing their instruments while learning both standard repertoire and current music.  Students will have the opportunity to learn how to read music, transcribe music from recordings and compose.  All ages and skill levels welcome. We also offer bi-annual optional recitals, the ability to record, and the opportunity to play with other students.

Available lesson intervals:
30 minute lesson: $39
45 minute lesson: $58.50
60 minute lesson: $78

First consultation meeting is free if you don't continue.


Group lessons

The group setting is ideal for adult beginners who are looking for a stress free, fun environment in which they can learn about music as well as interact with other interested adults. We offer group lessons in ten week semesters starting the first week of March, June and September. Each class of the ten is an hour long and consists of between 4-6 adult students. Beginner and intermediate level classes are both offered depending on enrollment. Beginner classes will focus on technique, note reading, ear training, and duet and group playing. Intermediate level class will continue the education given in the first semester while adding more repertoire based on the interests of the students. End goal is to give students a start to their musical interests in a non-traditional setting. Although group participation requires a certain amount of input from every member, no students are forced to perform in front of others if they do not want to. Many opportunities are provided for students to learn in "private" (ie with headphones at a keyboard or practice at home) as well as in the group setting. Group lessons are designed to be a safe place for beginner and intermediate students to learn and have fun with music.

$265 per student for ten week session
One hour long weekly class
Class size is between 4-6 people.

For exact start dates and to enroll, fill out the registration form.

Student Recordings

Students interested in making a college audition tape or demo for themselves or their bands can now do so at the Mattock School of Music. We offer the use of our recording studio facilities with up to 16 input recording using Pro Tools 11 with a professional recording engineer. We  have a wide range of equipment that students can use for recording, including five different guitar amps, two bass amps, a piano, a Hammond organ, many different keyboards and synths, a four piece and a six piece drum kit, tons of pedals and effects, and a wide variety of microphones.

College Audition Tape:
$30 per hour
Receive one free hour of recording time with a semester of lessons.
Most recordings can be done in 1 hour.

Note: Professional accompaniment
(bass, drums, piano)

can be added for an additional fee.

Band Recordings:
8 Track Live Recording: $60 first hour
$30 each additional hour

16 Track Recording*: $80 first hour
$40 each additional hour
* Includes minimal overdubbing

College Prep

For those students who are planning on making a career out of music and are thinking about auditioning for college music programs, our teachers are happy to steer them in the right direction. The teachers at the MSOM are all alumni of great schools, professional musicians, AND professors at some of the best local music programs. We know what it takes to get into a good school and we can show you how to get there.  At the end of your college prep session a college audition tape will be recorded with you. Pricing is the same as normal private lessons, but it is recommended that students study with their instructor more often.