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Piano tuner recommendation 

Many people have been asking me for piano tuner recommendations. If you're in need of tuning or repairs for your instrument, I cannot speak highly enough of Jason Klinke. He's done all of the work on my pianos over the years, and has an amazing resume. He's also a really nice guy! Check out his website here.



Meet our newest teacher 

Starting this week, Katie Sokolowski will joining the family at MSOM. Let us know right away if you're interested in taking voice, violin, or piano lessons with Katie.

Katie Sokolowski is currently a senior at West Chester University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Music Education, with minors in both music history and special education. Her primary area of performance is voice, although she also plays and instructs on violin and piano. Katie is a classically trained vocalist, however also enjoys…

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MSOM now offers violin lessons 

We are very excited to introduce our newest teacher at the Mattock School of Music, Brian Fitzgerald.   The definition of a multi-instrumentalist, Brian teaches violin, electric violin, voice, guitar, drums, bass, song-writing, beat-boxing and looping. As a performer, he blends elements from a variety of genres and decades to create a sound that falls somewhere between Daryl Hall and Jamiroquai and has toured both nationally and internationally, playing with a “who’s-who” of top tier musicians from across…

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New piano 

Very excited about our brand-new-to-us Yamaha U3 piano. After years of teaching in colleges where this is the"standard" for practice rooms, I've really come to love the U series' balanced sound, consistent action, and durability. It's a perfect piano for our space and students. As much I love my original Lester piano, it was definitely time to move on (it has now been moved into my living room where it will enjoy a second life as my daughter's first instrument!). The U3 just got it it's dehumidifier…Read more

Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter 

A beautiful statement about our place in the world by two of the most respected musicians in the jazz community. A must read for anyone in search of positive reinforcement for both their music and lives. Read the original article here:

Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock Pen an Open Letter to the Next Generation of Artists 

Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock have been friends for over forty years. In the pursuit of their art, they’ve shattered boundaries…

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Now offering group Piano lessons 

The Mattock School of Music is now offering group piano lessons. This is a perfect opportunity for adult beginners or those who haven't studied in many years to learn piano in a fun, relaxed, group setting. It is a great way to get started in music while also getting to meet and interact with other like minded adults. Best of all, it's less expensive than a one-on-one lesson, so it's a great way to find out about piano without committing too much. Classes are weekly, held Mondays at 7pm and Tuesdays at…Read more

Benefits of playing piano as an adult 

Although children are often referred to when we speak of learning ability, adults have many advantages when it comes to learning music. They have more developed cognitive skills, learn of their own volition, more developed emotions, longer attention spans, more previously learned information available, and better coordination. For these reasons, adults are great candidates to learn a musical instrument. Here are 8 benefits of playing piano as an adult 
1.    It’s a great stress reliever 
2.    Improves memory…

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10 Reasons for children to play piano 

As any parent knows, children’s minds are constantly developing and learn at an incredible rate. To further enhance their educational development, here are ten reasons why children should take piano lessons: 

1.    Teaches problem solving skills 
2.    Refines coordination and fine-motor skills  
3.    Aids development of math and language skills 
4.    Improves and increases memory capacity  
5.    Increases emotional intelligence 
6.    Teaches perseverance and discipline 
7.    Develops organizational skills 

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Refer a friend and get a free lesson 

Simply refer us to a friend, and if they end up taking lessons with us, as a "thank you" we'll give you one free lesson in return. Make sure to tell your friend to mention your name when they sign up!


Now offering saxophone lessons! 

We are really excited to announce that we are now offering saxophone lessons. The fantastic saxophonist and extended member of the MSOM family Tyrone Fredericks Jr, has recently moved back into the area and will be accepting new students starting in September. Tyrone is a remarkable musician, a great educator, and a wonderful person, and we are thrilled that he is going to be teaching lessons here. Check out his bio here.

Here are a couple clips of Ty, the musician as well as the entertainer!


Rock Band Clinic 

This past week we had a blast doing a rock band clinic with this group of young musicians. Their band, APEX, spent a week learning and rehearsing material they had chosen with our instructor Jason Herrmann. They also had a chance to work with several different clinicians and at the end of the week were able to make a recording with our sound engineer Tom. Here are some pictures with some of the highlights of the week.  Great work boys!!! 

Rock band clinic 

We want to thank guest clinician Josh Orlando for coming in and working with our rock camp yesterday. Josh, a Philadelphia based musician and drum instructor, had a lot of great pointers to give the students regarding time, feel, and just being "metal". The band is now one step closer as they prepare for their recording this Friday!


New gear 

We are very thankful to our good friend Josh Orlando for his recent donation of a beautiful new drum set to the school. Josh is one of the most amazing musicians we have ever had the pleasure of working with, as well as one of the most generous people we know. Please take a second to check out his website here and hopefully find an opportunity to go hear him play in person, it's a truly amazing experience. Thanks again Josh!